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Incorporated in 1986, Advantech Ltd® has been developing and manufacturing companion animal products to specification for companies both large and small for over thirty years and counting.


Advantech®  has all the right people, equipment and processes to handle your manufacturing requirements. Whether large or small, Advantech® will handle the project with quality, confidentiality, care and professionalism.


Recognized as a leader in gel and emulsion technology for the animal health industry,

our motto is simple - "Start with Quality, End with Results." 

Michael Shoopman
General Manager

Founder and General Manager Michael Shoopman brings a collective experience of over 40 years in the Animal Health industry as a Formulationist. Making a product a physical reality is his specialty.

Rhonda Freeman
Operations Manager

Rhonda Freeman is the heartbeat of the Corporation. If something is going on, Rhonda is involved. Her quintessential talent of multi-tasking puts her in the best position possible to sit at the command post. Rhonda was promoted to Vice-President of the Corporation.

Sandy Weir
Traffic Manager

Sandy Weir takes her duties as Traffic Manager easily with her attention to detail and ability to adapt on a moments notice. Sandy came from Fort Dodge Animal Health and has been with Advantech® since July 2011.

Vicki Larson
Regulations & Control Manager

The eyes of a hawk and the talons to match best describe Vicki Larson. She organizes and maintains the Advantech® Quality and Safety Programs, and keeps our clients and employees carefully protected as a first line of proactive defense. 

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