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Vegetable oil based pastes are made for customers wanting to encapsulate actives in an oral feeding form; such as beneficial bacteria, sensitive vitamins, herbs and other nutritional ingredients. These are packaged in bulk containers and/or tubes or varying sizes for the market of choice.


Powders, granules and meal forms of dry nutraceuticals can be packaged in various formats of plastic and corrugated containers. A climate-controlled environment allows the use of hygroscopic and sensitive solubles (e.g., electrolytes) to be blended and handled in a safe and efficient setting specifically designed to protect the integrity of the product.


Aqueous based gels and emulsion gels are available for a variety of uses in veterinary and over the counter nutritional supplements carrying a wide spectrum of actives for whatever need satisfaction selling your company is addressing.



Liquid processing to standards wanted by clientele is available under both vortex and non-vortex methods, depending upon expectation. Capable of blends of both dissolved and/or dispersed solids or all liquid blends in aqueous, vegetable oils and emulsions, with numerable actives. The meet a range of nutritional needs for companies in the pet and companion animal markets globally.

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